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10 Clues That You Met One Of Your Soul Mates

I get at least 4 emails a day about soul mates.  People contact me in a complete panic when they think that they haven’t met their soul mate yet.

The only problem with “their soul mate” is that there are hundreds – thousands actually – soul mates for every soul.

Let that sink in for a second.

So there is no need for anyone to panic. The odds are you have already MET one or more of your soul mates.

Mind-blowing sex that sets your pieces parts on fire! Soul mate sex is seriously intense. 

Soul mates are also a kick in the pants. They do not let the grass die under your feet. Hell no. They push you to get going.

The pushes can be nice & gentle  – or knock-um-out-heart-wrenching. Point is that they help push you forward. They press the buttons that allow you to move in life – help you uncover that part of you that was previously undiscovered.

And each soul mate has a different role: the good, the bad, & the ugly.

BUT ALL are equally important.

I’m not a betting soul – but if I was, I bet that you’ve met at least 2 – 4 soul mates so far in your life (regardless of your age).

How do you know that you met one? I’m so glad you asked!

10 Clues That You Met One Of Your Soul Mates

1. Upon meeting them (whether it’s in person, a dream, or via meditation) you will feel a surge of energy up your spine – fan out – and travel throughout your body.

2. You know they are familiar – even if you do not know why.

3. The feeling of familiarly is so strong that you set out on a mission to figure out why they are familiar.

4. They challenge you – yet inspire you.

5. They can quickly send you from zero to angry or passionate.

6. By being with them, flash visions surface about past incarnations.

7. Your energy spikes out the roof without raising your blood pressure. It’s like you have an IV of coffee in your veins.

8. You know in your “gut” that they are an important part of your soul growth. That they are IMPORTANT to you.

9. You can’t stop thinking about them – even if they have wronged you. It could turn into an unhealthy obsession if you let it.

10. Once you remember your dreams, you notice a pattern of them showing up for a visit.

When I met Bill, Will, and Ben – it was like HOLY HELL! I was over the moon. I couldn’t stop asking questions about their lives and they met me back with a question for me. It was blow by blow questions. When you meet a soul mate – you have an unconscious urge to know more. You can’t help it. And the more you know – the more you want to know.

Enjoy each and every one of your soul mates. If it’s a romantic relationship – try to have more sex than you ever thought possible! Your energy field will thank you!

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