10 Reasons Why Date 2+ Never Happens

Ever go on a first date that doesn’t move forward to date 2? The one who didn’t get the call (usually female) is just as perplexed as the one who keeps getting canceled and rescheduled on (usually male).

10 Reasons Why Date 2+ Never Happens


  1. Revealing too much about yourself during the date.
  2. Drinking too much alcohol.
  3. Expecting too much (and saying so).
  4. Visibly checking out other people.
  5. Texting during the date and/or checking email.
  6. Taking or making a phone call (unless it is to check on the kids – but explain first).
  7. Complaining about the venue.
  8. Being rude to the server/bartender or other service provider.
  9. Displaying too much attitude.
  10. Discussing your ex (really bad move).


Other no-no’s include:

  • Sex on the first date.
  • Men, not walking your date safely to her car.
  • Making the date feel like a job interview.


All it takes is being polite and respectful of the other person and the people around you. Do that, and the odds of date 1 turning into date 2 and beyond increase proportionally.

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