12 Steps To Attract a Soul Mate or Twin Flame

One important method I have used in attracting & finding a soul mate in my inner circle is telepathy. That’s why I’m so damn good at it!

Telepathy uses a combination of processes to work – two psychic sensors; your solar plexus chakra (2 in above your belly button) and your temporal lobes (located on either side of the head just above ear level), which are both in direct connection to your astral energy field and all 5 of your senses.

It is easier and more effective if you use your temporal lobes first, then your solar plexus and lastly the rest of your 5 senses. Why? Because your temporal lobes are the transmitter/receiver for the telepathic communications, your solar plexus gives you that feeling that it is an actual connection and not in your mind – and your senses keep it real.

For example with me — if I connect to my soulmate Bill – first I hear his voice and then I get a zap of energy or warmth that starts in my solar plexus and spreads outwards. This lets me know it is a true connection and not something I ate – lastly, the 5 senses join together to make this a real experience.

Soul Mate Telepathic Connection

(works with Twin Flame as well – where you see the word “soul mate” substitute “twin flame”)

  1. 1) Relax, sit comfortably, and close your eyes.
  2. 2) Shift your focus upward, above your ears, and sense the temporal lobe sections.
  3. 3) Focus on your soul mate. Imagine them as detailed as you can. What they are wearing – what they may be doing. If you do not know what they look like at this point – just concentrate on the words ‘Soul Mate’.
  4. 4) Once you have them in focus in your imagination – see a white light emitting from your whole body (think of yourself as glowing) and move that full body of white energy to your soul mate, encasing them in the same white glow. It doesn’t matter how the light goes from you to them – just imagine the light leaving you and encasing about the target person so that you both are in a giant white bubble of light.
  5. 5) When you use this method of connection, all the senses engage at once as soon as your white light bubble is around the other person. The connection can cause a jolt of energy and a lot of nausea & dizziness until you are used to it. Don’t fight the sensations, instead, roll with them.
  6. 6) Be open to whatever you experience. Do not try too hard – do not force your concentration.
  7. 7) Feel how a multitude of impressions/words/sounds seems to pour into your mind through the temporal lobes.
  8. 8) Notice the sensation of heightened attunement that opens up in your solar plexus (chakra that is located two inches above your navel) — FEEL the communications.
  9. 9) Enjoy the connection for a few minutes.
  10. 10) Send short messages at first. Think of a few words – no more than a sentence – until you can see or hear it clearly in your mind. Move those words from your mind, through the white light and into their mind. For some people, it helps to see the actual words travel from mind to mind (i.e. seeing the words “Call Me”) while others like to hear the phrase travel by saying them to yourself as they move.
    Or think of a simple image – no more three subjects (i.e. a person, a tree and a car) until you can see it clearly in your mind. Move that image from your mind, through the white light, and into their mind. For some people, it helps to see the actual image as a framed picture as it travels from mind to mind.
  11. 11) Make sure your message or image is clear, concise, and simple.
  12. 12) When done, imagine the white light bubble pulling away from the person and draw it back into your body. Sometimes it helps to imagine double doors shutting once you bring the white light back to you.

Note your impressions.

I’m a big fan of jotting down what happens. No matter how fabulous the connection is  – eventually you will forget what happened. There’s no way I could keep track of telepathic connections with 20+ soul members if I did not write it all down!

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