3 Ways To Protect Yourself While Having An Office Romance

Office romance sounds like a good idea at the time. You two see each other every day – work in the same environment and probably already have things in common. Flirting with someone at work makes the time pass quickly. Work doesn’t seem like work. Who doesn’t like to flirt while getting coffee or making copies? Makes those boring afternoon meetings “do-able”.

Many people spend more time at work than at any place else during the day. This is why it is so easy for doctors and nurses to date one another, as they are together more often than they are with their partner or spouse.

But is dating at the office a good idea?

Because as you know, eventually things will either end or become permanent.

If it ends – how will you two be able to look at one another every day? If it’s permanent – how will you two handle being together every day, almost all day?

It’s tough no matter how you look at it.

So how can you have an office romance and protect yourself from potential future pain?

3 Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Job

  1. Don’t date your boss. It’s tempting to sleep with the boss and get special favors because of it. But you’ll have the wrath of other employees and if it should go south…he/she will still be your boss – and they could be an unforgiving boss.
  2. Don’t date a subordinate. Although tempting as it is to have an employee do what you want when you want it. You will still have to put up with the gossip and if it goes south…you may be tempted to fire them. Which can then turn around as a sexual harassment case.
  3. Date someone in a different department or a person you will not see frequently. This is no matter if it is a permanent relationship or if it ends, work will still be manageable.

Office dating or romance will never go out of style. But with some thinking first, flirting later, you can find love at work while keeping your job sanity.

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