5 Tips For Successful Online Dating

Online dating is hot. People love to meet other like-minded people online without actually having to meet them in person first.  It’s easy to put yourself out there without being shot down in person. Saves face and feelings – helps to keep your self-confidence in check. But what if you are new to the online dating world and you do not seem to be landing any interest parties? Or if they are interested, they ghost you after a few emails?

There are items you should avoid like  Aunt Suzy at Christmas when creating your profile. You also need to have a carefree attitude and be realistic when you online date.

5 Tips For Successful Online Dating

Remember less is more

When writing your profile try to think about what intrigues you and makes you want to read more about a person’s profile. Keeping things short and sweet not only shows people that you do not drone on and on plus that you know what you want.

No one wants to hear about how your cat Killer got out and got hit by a car. Or how you are the local champ in logrolling. Also, if you start listing what pisses you off about the human race and in particular the gender, you are trying to attract, do not expect a lot of love in return.

Keep it real

When you upload photos of yourself, sure you looked good in your teens with a full head of hair and killer abs. But if you meet in person, they will know you lied online. No one likes the bait and switch.

Never, ever, give away money

No matter how well you get to know someone or feel your relationship has grown online, or in person, never lend out money whatever the circumstance.

Never, ever, ever fall for a sob story you hear online. Do not fall for the misplaced passport, or the stolen wallet/luggage. These scammers love to target single mothers. Beware beware beware.

Always be polite

In reality, you wouldn’t stop chatting to someone in the street mid-flow if they were boring you in a conversation; however, online you can. If an email conversation starts out well, but then you realize this person isn’t the one then politely back away. We are all human beings with feelings. If you do not like someone or do not think it will work, have the decency to tell him or her. If they continue to hang on then ignore them.

Don’t expect too much too soon

Online dating takes time. Therefore, buying a one month subscription to an online dating site seems a bit optimistic. This also goes for thinking you have found the one after a trip to the movies, followed by the Olive Garden fairytale love affairs are rare. You need to set goals and stick to them and if you follow the rules above and allow a relationship to blossom over time, then maybe, just maybe, Mr. or Mrs. Right will be waiting to run off with you into the sunset.

Adopt the right attitude, keep it real and construct a good profile and you too can find your next life partner!

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