What is a Soulful Connection?

All souls have the ability for a soulful connection. All souls are energy and all energy is connected. However, the closer the soul connection is to the soul, the easier the connection is to make. For example, you’re connected to every other human on this planet. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or social economic status, we all have the same origins. You would be a closer match biologically to your sibling as opposed to your uncle, second cousin, or

Attract Love with Your Unique Energy Core

Energy is everything, and everything is energy. To have a long-term romantic relationship, a person needs another person who compliments his or her energy colors. In any connection, the colors should blend well, or the combined energy will not work, and therefore the relationship will not last. We have a core color of who we are as a soul in the current incarnation. That core color affects the energy streams in the energy body. A person with a purple core