Soul 2 Soul Radio Show

Let’s talk about soulmates.

They are the closest souls to you other than your twin flame. We all have hundreds of soul mates and not all are meant for a romantic relationship.

But those who are — WOW — can they knock your socks off! (and also hurt you so bad you’d think you should be dying – after all – how can something hurt so much and still keep you alive?)

Bottom line – soul mate relationships are infused with vibrations no matter if they work or not.

We are always connected to our soulmates throughout this lifetime and all other lives. We can’t always feel them or find them due to the connections being “muted” over time because as humans – well – with all the crap we go through, dead energy is applied over dead energy and makes it impossible at times to sense our connections.

Here at “Soul 2 Soul” I am trying to reconnect or unmute soul mates, one connection at a time.

Connect to soul mates, get dating advice, and call out to the ones you miss!

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