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What Is A Twin Flame?

Soulful Connections is my next book. It is about my twin flame, soul mates, soul cluster, and soul family. A twin flame is a soul mate, soul mates make up a soul cluster, soul clusters make up a soul family, and soul families comprise a soul group.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves — onward to our other half.

What Is A Twin Flame?

They are yin to your yang or yang to your yin – depending. They are the closest connection you will ever find in all of your existence for all eternity. In short – they are the next most crucial soul other than you. But (and this is a big but), they do not complete you. He or she is its free-standing energy; you do not complete them either. Each complete half adds to the energy of the other twin flame – igniting you both (lovingly) from within.

What Does A Twin Flame Do?

Twin flames push you to be the best you can be. They help you unlock your greatest potential and uncover/solve your toughest lessons. Being with him or her is not a cake walk – nor is it always romantic. There are lifetimes, however, when you two do come back to Earth for the sole purpose of loving one another. Even when it is just for love, the relationship is still not easy. The energy that stirs in you and between you two can turn different ways. Depending on life choices made – being with a twin flame, engulfed in all your eternal soul energy, can bring out a lot of anger along with love. It’s all on how you handle the energy. The strong energy can also bring peace, contentment, and forward movement. It again all depends on the life choices made in this lifetime.

How Can You Tell If You Met/Know Your Twin Flame?

If you have to ask someone if he or she is a twin flame, then he or she is not it.

It’s a KNOWING. An internal trigger sounds. The soul alarm goes off. Your energy raises. Your heart chakra radiates. You want to be with them – but you’re not obsessed to be with them. It’s not a sexual high when you are connected, but energy high. Your sex drive will increase because of your energy increases. However, you don’t necessarily want to jump into bed with them right away. With a twin flame, there isn’t a rush. You savor every second of every minute you are connected. Don’t confuse twin flame energy with a pure sexual draw – twin flame energy, even with sex, is a deeper connection.

Having sex with your closest connection, you feel like his or her body is in the way. If you could reach in and touch the essence of their soul, you would. The body is an extension of the soul. But you know that there is much more to the twin flame then their physical body. Sex with a twin flame is an out-of-body experience – no matter if the two of you are physically in the same place or not.

They do not always incarnate the same time you do. They have been known to hang back on the other side and be your guide.Who better than to help guide you to live your best life than your other half!

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