Twin Flame Soul Mates Search

Energy can be used to search and attract with your twin flame, soul mates, and your soul cluster. Those who keep at it can eventually find their soul family and soul group. Although finding all in your soul group would take a lifetime and then some.

On my Out of Body Ecstasy website, I have talked in the past about energy blending, which is the blending of two energy bodies. It is similar to the blend that happens during astral sex. But it takes place on the physical plane as opposed to the astral plane and does not have quite the orgasmic blowing effect.

Send Out An Energy Search Party

When you send out the search party for your twin flame or soul mates, you do not need to talk to a psychic or an intuitive to figure out who he or she is. The search is something that is within your reach and very doable for anyone. Even those who know nothing of energy or OBE (just like my Out of Body Ecstasy you do not need to understand it to use it).

Your twin flame along with your soul mates and soul cluster, family, and group will all have the same basic energy vibration with your twin flame being the closest match. You and your twin flame will have the same vibrational foundation and a many of the same vibrational matches for other things such as personality traits and beliefs. Soul mates and soul clusters have a 75% match on vibrational foundations and some vibrational matches on traits. Your soul family has a 50% vibrational foundation and few vibrational matches on traits. Soul groups have a 25% vibrational foundation with one or two trait vibrational matches.

Still with me? Good — keep reading.

When you are looking for twin flame, soul mates, etc…you are searching for matches for your vibrational foundation. What you should not search for is someone who matches your “ideal” person. Your twin flame, soul mate, may have looked this way in a past life, but they won’t look like it now. You could also search for that ideal image and find someone who almost matches. This person may be completely wrong for you.

Now – how can you search for him or her? Give the below exercise a try!

Twin Flame/Soul Mate Search

This method combines telepathic connection with daydreaming.

  • – Find a quiet place. Sit and center yourself.
  • – Concentrate on you — who you are — what you want out of life — your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc…. (this tunes you into your energy and who you are).
  • – Focus your attention on your heart chakra (located in the middle of your chest). Imagine a burst of white light emerging and fanning out from your body into the surrounding area. In that light is the essence of your soul – your vibrational foundation.
  • – Once you can hold that steady – allow yourself to drift into a day-dream where you are happy, loved, and having fun. You do not have to see who you are with or what is going on around you.  FEEL happy, loved, and having fun – that’s more important.
  • – It could take 10 sec or up to 5 min – but you will sense at least one soul in your energy field.  This soul/s are your twin flame, soul mates, soul cluster, etc….
  • – You will know which of the above the soul/s are by the intensity of the vibrational connection. A twin flame’s connection will flood you with love – and when I say flood, I mean FLOOD. You bathe in a basket of love, light, and warmth that nothing can match. Everyone else will have lessening degrees of unconditional love.
  • – Once that soul is found – imagine a white light from your temporal lobes going out and surrounding his/her temporal lobes. Say what you need to as quickly as possible as the 1st time around the connection shouldn’t last very long.
  • – Once that connection is made – you should be able to tap into the telepathically – dream – or astral from that point on.

If you strike out the 1st time, don’t give up. Like everything else – this can take some practice. Well worth the effort!

I’m thinking about expanding upon this and turning it into a class. If this is something that interests you – please let me know below in the comments!

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