Use Feng Shui for Love


Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement. Feng Shui can be used to attract a new love relationship or improve an existing one by activating the chi (energy) in the southwest corner in the bedroom and/or the living room.

In that sector, you could paint the walls bright red or hang red tapestry, red lights, or even a red folding screen! The key here – obviously – is red! Light a candle in that sector during the new and then the full moons. The fire helps to generate the sexy love magnet into the universe!

A small word of caution that too much red (say all four walls) will be too much & you won’t be able to sleep or relax.

You can also activate the SW area of your lawn by putting a statue of Venus (love) or Aphrodite (sex), and/or a bird feeder.

Keeping plants in the relationship sector can attract some sizzling sexual energy. If you can – use live plants. If live plants cannot be used, then use silk plants. Never used dried plants as dried indicates your sex drive is dried up. I would assume that is not your goal!

Flowers you may want to plant:

Peace lily – for harmony
Roses – to open up emotionally
Gardenias – to attract love and happiness
Orchids – to enhance sexual energy
Hibiscus – facilitate sexual fulfillment

Another word about plants. No cacti in the home. No — none. Why? Because the prickliness of the cacti messes the heck out of the chi in the home.

No poking the chi man! HA!

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