Attract Love with Your Unique Energy Core

Energy is everything, and everything is energy. To have a long-term romantic relationship, a person needs another person who compliments his or her energy colors. In any connection, the colors should blend well, or the combined energy will not work, and therefore the relationship will not last.

We have a core color of who we are as a soul in the current incarnation. That core color affects the energy streams in the energy body. A person with a purple core – all of the colors of his or her energy field will have a purple tint to it. If someone is a red core – the colors of the energy field have a red tone.

As we evolve as souls (throughout lifetimes – only 1 core color per life), our core tint changes.

Energy & Relationships

Relationships work when the couple’s energy blends or mixes well with one another. If two opposite colors try to blend and have a relationship, it will either fizzle out quickly or be long and drawn out — but will still end.

Below I’m going to list a brief overview of the main relationship blend colors and then the best blend colors and the worst blends.

Energy Core Color for Love, Connection, & Sex

RED – Tends to be the anchor of relationships, office politics, and more. Needs to be needed. Lives to be the savior in a savior/victim relationship. At the same time can be selfish. Concentrates on or is deep in survival mode without much room available for a long-term romantic relationship. Has a need for security – both money wise and in relationships. Easy to be obsessive without being committing. Temper can be a problem with either a short fuse or a slow burn. Very grounded. The passionate of all the colors. Very focused on the physical aspect of sex. Has a tendency to like danger, possible lite violence. Usually all about their pleasure. High sex drive. Scent turns them on.

ORANGE – Creative in every aspect of his or her life. Usually has too many irons in the fire and this includes relationships until they settle down. Like to have a “back-up” person or keeps their flirting skills in tact in case a relationship does not work out. Gets bored easy and needs variety. This variety does not have to be in other people, but can be within the confines of the relationship. To get in a committed relationship can take a while, but if truly committed is as faithful as a loyal dog is (despite his or her ability to flirt with others). They live for pleasure and abundance. High sex drive. Very creative in and out of the bedroom. Is into trying new places, positions, sexual situations. Tends to get bored easy. Will like to learn about energy sex but will not apply it all the time. Only when he or she can creatively integrate it into his or her sex life. Can be turned on to swinging. Taste turns them on.

YELLOW – Confidence is their middle name. They know who they are and who they are not. They are movers and shakers, leaders – even if not on a grand scale. They live for freedom – freedom of the mind, freedom of choice, freedom of belief – freedom to be who they are without apologizing for it. If you do not like who they are, then there is the door – don’t let it kick you on the way out. At the same time those who are in a relationship with them have to feed them compliments. How’s the food they just cooked? How were they in bed? How great was the present they just gave you? Can be very competitive. Confident. Knows what he or she likes sexually and will not apologize for their sexual tastes. They are confident in their abilities in the bedroom. Is drawn to exploring energy sex, but only if he or she knows that they can master it. If suggestions are made from the partner for sexual improvement or something new/different, it must be done so that he or she does not feel slighted. Visual stimulation turns them on.

GREEN/PINK or PINK/GREEN (one color is the dominant one, but they are both present) – Loves without question but is not a doormat. Once committed, fiercely loyal. Will only leave a committed relationship if one of their “rules” is broken (example – cheating, lying, etc..). Tends to see the best in people and makes excuses for the worst. Is happiest around people. Caring and giving. Worries about people, animals, and the environment. An empathic listener. Loves other people more than he or she loves his or herself. Can get involved with others so that he or she ignore his or her own life/problems. Gentle, tender, and patient. They are devoted to your pleasure. Will do whatever his or her partner needs in order to be pleased. Tend to forget about his or her own pleasure and instead concentrate on his or her partner. Will work with energy sex if it is to please his or her partner; or if they discover it and want to incorporate it into their sex life as an added bonus. Touch is the magic turn-on.

BLUE – Tells it like it is. If you ask how you look in a pair of jeans, you will get the truth. So be careful what you ask. Is a great communicator. However, has a problem about when to keep his or her mouth shut. Type to talk during a movie, concert, or during sex. Very creative and tunnels that creativity into acting, speaking, law, or politics. Likes to be the center of attention – being in the “know”. They have an uncanny sense of integrity. If something is against his or her ethical viewpoint, there is not a chance in hell they will cross it – no matter what the cost. However, they can put a spin onto something to make it look like someone else lacks integrity. No matter the argument, they will push to win it. Very vocal. Speaks up and tells their partner what they like, what they don’t like, and how to please them. Has a habit of talking during sex. They are truthful and rarely fake an orgasm. They are interested in energy sex, but tend to talk about it more than putting it to actual use. Audio is what turns them on, they love to hear sensations. Talking dirty is something that lights their fire.

INDIGO – Loves to dig in and figure things out. If you lie to them, they will dive in until they discover proof for the lie. Very intuitive an believes there is more to life than meets the eye. Spiritual without being religious. Very mindful about what they do and how it affects the people, places, things, and environment around them. Believes in soul mates and twin flames. Can get lost in a relationship and become a part of the other person. Thereby they lose their unique identity. If a break-up occurs, the hurt is deep and long-lasting. Takes a while to re-find who they are. Only once they find themselves again can they be in a new relationship. A spiritual soul who works with energy. Sex is more than just physical. They love energy sex and are able to have a balance in their sex life of physical and energy. Loves to learn about new sexual experiences, but does not always put them into practice. Intuition or an inner knowing is what turns them on.

VIOLET – Very beautiful inside and out. Does not mean physical beauty. A kind and caring person who is always ready to listen. They love to give more than they receive. He or she does not do something expecting a certain payday or return. They do or not do something because it is the right thing to do. Graceful in deeds and in actions. There is little that worries them if anything. Very intuitive. Mediates often. Understands energy better than most with the realization that everything is ONE. More than a leader, this is a guru. Will commit if he or she finds someone who is good inside and out. However, usually is a bit of a free-style lover. Will spend more time single than in a committed relationship or will enter into a committed relationship later in life. Is an expert in something (usually spiritual or energy related). They work with energy and have been told that they have a healing touch or vibe. They tend to engage in sex more in the higher realms than physical. Into otherworldly or OBE sex more/same than/as physical sex as they are in the complete understanding that we are all energy and one. Their turn on is Bliss – we are all one.

Best/Worst Relationship Blends


Best – Yellow

Worst – Red


Best – Blue

Worst – Green/Pink


Best – Red

Worst – Indigo


Best – Violet

Worst – Red


Best – Orange

Worst – Red


Best – Indigo

Worst – Red


Best – Green

Worst – Red

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